About Add on Chat for Multi-Level Marketing Recommendations

1. DoTerra

Offering a lineup of essential oils and wellness and beauty products, DoTerra products are top quality and incredibly addictive. You will end up as one of your best customers, and be able to tell prospective buyers about all the benefits that the company has to offer. While it only costs $35 to join the company, you can waive the price by purchasing an enrollment kit costing anywhere from $150 to $2750. You will make money with DoTerra, with the 25 percent commission fee netting a yearly average of $4370 to $11260 for only one fourth of distributors. It is easy to recruit a downline too, since users typically become believers in the product.

2. Pure Romance

Pure Romance is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on empowering women and encouraging and enabling them to put themselves first. They are a well established company specializing in bedroom accessories. Pure Romance has been entertaining and educating women since 1993. While you will need to cough up $219 in order to join, you will end up with a 30 percent to 45 percent buying discount as well as benefits. You have a fair shot at making money with this business, but you will need to sell about $200 of product ever two months in order to stay an active affiliate of the company.

3. Legalshield

In 1969, Harland Stonecipher came face to face with how inaccessible and expensive legal help really was. He then created Legalshield in order to rectify that issue. Now, Legallshield offers legal services, identity theft protection, and related topics in the form of two simple plans: one for personal and one for small business. Per annual membership sold, you can earn $60 to $128. While refunds might come out of your own pocket, you should not have any issue as long as you are actually taking care of your customers. It is easy to join up too! Just pay the $99 application fee plus any necessary state licensing fees.

4. Tupperware

Everyone has heard about a Tupperware party at some point in their life. Tupperware is one of the original, top MLMs in the art of social marketing. And they continue to keep with the times as they update their brand and products. In 2010 they started to fight against the plastic phobia sweeping the world by removing BPA from their products, but on top of that, they continue to improve all of their products and comply with demands brought on by constantly reviewing new materials. Joining is incredibly easy. After you pay the $99 registration fee you will receive a 35 percent commission on personal sales. Tupperware comes with the added bonus of giving your kitchen the title of best organized on the block so that you can practice what you preach.

5. Thirty-One Gifts
This is an example of a company that started in a basement and blossomed beautifully from there. With a mission of encouraging and rewarding women, Thirty-One Gifts sells personalized handbags, lunch bags, duffle bags, totes, and other carryalls. Their explosive growth has a route in the personalization options offered to the customer. Each bag is treated as if it was a blank canvas, which allows the customer to express their personality by creating their own unique design. Joining this successful venture isn’t cheap, and enrollment can set you back anywhere from $99 to $179, and you’ll have to pay $14.95 a month to cover the cost of your website and market. You make 25 percent on personal sales, and you have the security of knowing that this is an example of an incredible company with a solid foundation that can only look forward to more growth.