AddonChat is a full-featured HTML5 real-time Chat and Instant Messaging Solution. Provide Real Time Chat To Your Site's Visitors.
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Let's Get Started!

Simply enter your name, check 'Sign-in as a guest', and click 'Sign-in' to try AddonChat.

Want to access everything AddonChat has to offer end users? We encourage you to click the 'New User Account' button to sign-up as a registered user (or sign-in using Facebook!) so you can create a User Profile and upload a custom Profile Image.

You're Free to Continue Browsing This Site

You may have noticed the Launch Icon in the lower right hand corner of our web site. We've placed the AddonChat demo on every page of our site, so you can browse our site while you continue to chat without losing your connection.

As you move from page to page, your session will automatically resume and your chat and instant message windows will reappear in the same spot you left them at. AddonChat will even save messages you've started typing before they have been sent!

A Couple Side Notes

We've used AddonChat's Link Code Options to enable a couple features. We've made it so that the Sign-in window automatically appears on this page (by default, a user would normally click the customizable icon at the bottom right of this page to open the sign-in window), and we've also enabled an automatic room join so that you're automatically entered into the Lobby room after signing in.

It's easy to add these integration features and more with AddonChat!